Neuromorphic Hardware

The lab works with two main partners in designing the next generation hardware to power large-scale neural simulations.
We work closely with HP Labs to develop the software platform Cog Ex Machina, or Cog, designed to capitalize on the next wave of high-density, memristor based, massively multicore chips that will be developed in the next few years.
The lab has also several initiatives directed at exploring other, less conventional paths. In collaboration with our Boston University partner ICSG, we are designing analog and digital ASIC chips for special purpose applications, in particular directed to visual-based navigation in land robots and, in collaboration with NASA, for UAVs.
As a direct outcome of a study sponsored by the DARPA SyNAPSE project, we are also exploring memristors based, low-power fuzzy circuit for learning.


The Neuromorphics Lab is highly collaborative with connections across both academia and industry.