Below is a list of the Neuromorphics Laboratory present and past interns. For internship opportunity, please contact us.

Past and present interns

Joseph Moubhij. Joseph is a student at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Sciene with dual majors in Electrical Engineering and Physics. He is interested in Neuroscience and is still figuring out how he will use his education in this field. 



Varsha Shankar. Varsha is a master's student at the University of Pennsylvania studying robotics. Her interests lie in creating robotic assistive technologies by marrying robotics and neuroscience using brain controlled interfaces. She hopes to touch people's lives and make a difference through her contributions. 



Lauren Wizon. Lauren received a B.A. in Math from Boston University. She is interested in neuroimaging, networks, and dynamical systems, but hopes to explore more areas of computational neuroscience. Lauren plans to pursue graduate studies in the fall. 



Timothy Seemann. Tim is an undergraduate studying Computer Science at Boston University. He is currently working on interfacing robots with neural software platforms. Tim also works with controlling robots in the virtual environment. 


Jonathan Luke Westbrook. Luke is a student at Southeast Missouri State University pursuing his Bachelor of Science for Physics and Engineering Physics with a mechanical emphasis.  He plans on graduating May 2013, then probably attending graduate school subsequently.  He is still figuring out what his research/career interests are.


The Neuromorphics Lab is highly collaborative with connections across both academia and industry.