Industry Affiliates

Richard Carter. I'm a consulting Research Scientist under contract to Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, currently working on the assembly, software and tuning of a high performance GPU server cluster.  Previous research has involved high speed networking, computational bioscience, computer hardware design and FPGA-based systems.
Andreas Olofsson. I am the founder of Adapteva, a semiconductor company that has developed the world’s most energy efficient multicore microprocessors.  I am very excitd about the possibility that our massively parallel architecture can be applied within neuromorphics research.  The possibility of building cheap mobile systems using fault tolerant design done almost entirely in software is especially intriguing.
Annan Mozeika. I am a Research Scientist with the iRobot Corporation Research Group.  My applied research interests include biologically-inspired, and "soft" robotic hardware and software. Some of my past projects have included: Jamming Skin Enabled Morphing, Jamming Manipulation (pseudo-phase transitioning technology), and Morphogenetically Assisted Design Variation.
Greg Snider. Greg Snider is a senior researcher Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, investigating nanoelectronic architectures, circuits, compilation, simulation, and cognitive computing. Previously he has worked in communications, processor design, medical instrumentation and imaging, networking, operating systems, computer security, memory systems, compilers, hardware and software synthesis, e-services, simulation and programmable hardware.


The Neuromorphics Lab is highly collaborative with connections across both academia and industry.