Unlock project, brain machine interface, and Neuromorpchis Lab at SciPy 2012

By Max Versace | August 14, 2012

This presentation given by Byron Galbraith during SciPy 2012 summarizes the main achievements to date on the Unlock Project, and talks also about the collaborative project between the Neuromorphics Lab and the Speech Lab on Brain Machine Interfaces and Robots

About the Unlock Project: The purpose of the Unlock Project is to provide brain-machine interface (BMI) technology to individuals suffering from locked-in syndrome (LIS), characterized by complete or near-complete loss of voluntary motor function with intact sensation and cognition. LIS is typically the result of brain stem stroke or late stage amyotrophic lateral schlerosis (ALS). Being locked in has been compared to being buried alive; sufferers of LIS often feel completely isolated from friends and family due to their inability to communicate.


The Neuromorphics Lab is highly collaborative with connections across both academia and industry.