Three lab members awarded a patent for GPU computing

By Max Versace | February 11, 2014

Today, the U.S. Patent Office officially issued to Anatoli Gorchetchnikov, Heather Ames, Fabrizio Santini, and Massimiliano Versacea a patent that covers brain-based computational models running on graphic processing units (GPU). We see this invention as an important foundation for real-time artificial intelligence and robotics applications.

Today's article from Boston Business Journal has a nice coverage of the patent and its application:

Heather, Anatoli, and Max started to work on GPUs back in the days when we were graduate students at Boston University, in 2004.
Then, we felt that these processors, which are particularly suited for parallel brain-like computation, would one day scale down in power, size, and price, and be ubiquitous.Today we are happy to see them in many commercial products, including cell phones and tablets.The patent has a priority date of 2006, and we believe it will be foundational in many future applications


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