Featured video - Lab presentation at CLION, October 2011, Memphis, TN

Other videos

December 2011 - The Lab at Ericsson Inno.Vision 2011, Roma, Italy. watch the video here.

October 2011 - Max Versace invited talk at CLION 2011, Memphis, TN.

January 2011 -MoNETA in the Morris Water Maze before and after training [watch the naive and trained MoNETA]

December 2010- The ViGUAR robotic platform  [watch the robot and the Cog brain]

December 2010 - The presentation (See part 2, part 3, part 4) given at Bionetics 2010

November 2010 - First steps of MoNETA in the Morris Water Maze [watch video]

August 2010 - The talk given by the Lab at the August 2010 DARPA SyNAPSE site visit




The Neuromorphics Lab is highly collaborative with connections across both academia and industry.